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Exhibitions and Projects

Gal's Room

in the National Gallery

Gal the Dwarf has his own room in the National Gallery of Slovenia. It is always open to children big and small who want to give their imagination and creativity free reign. The children can sit on Gal's Throne and take a picture in the Dwarf's clothes, read Gal's picture books and learn about the works of art through games. In Gal's Room you can also celebrate your GALabirthday.

Gal's Room is a motivational room of exploration for children and families. Before the youth visit the exhibition halls, we invite them to the chamber full of green rambunctious ideas. In the room children get to wonder, discover, create and look for Gal's clues that let them explore the art treasures of the Gallery. Thus, the youngest now have a place where they can feel as green as the Dwarf. The children can sit on Gal's Throne and take a picture in Dwarf's clothes, read Gal's picture books and to learn about works of art through games. Children from seven up can experience the green of Gal's books. We have prepared Gal's alphabet with twenty-five art headwords that are explained through fun interaction in the green tomes. Through them, the children learn about the basic motifs, techniques, styles, iconography, design and tools in art.

Gal's Room is always open to children big and small who want to learn something exciting about the fine arts, but who mostly want to give their imagination and creativity free reign. Children can visit Gal's Room with their parents when the Gallery is open. You can also celebrate your GALabirthday here.

Gal's Room is the starting point of all children workshops that have been part of the Saturday morning programme for years. We have added to them also Saturday afternoon tours for families. These are guided tours for families with children: each week, we open one of the books in Gal's Room and together visit the collection.

Besides the new room we have also prepared new education and touring programmes for pre-school and school children. The youngest will now begin their walk through the Gallery in Gal's Room and return there to find a surprise Gal had prepared for all art puzzles they solved. Our aim is to make to make the experience of the Gallery all-encompassing, multisensory and a bit magical.

Gal the Dwarf

Following the ingenious inspiration of Dr Anica Cevc, the former director of the National Gallery of Slovenia, poet Svetlana Makarovič and illustrator Kostja Gatnik created Gal and his imaginary world in 1981. Their two picture books, Gal in the Gallery (translated to English in 2006) and Strahec v galeriji ("Ghosty in the Gallery", 2003), brought several generations of children to the Gallery. In time, the Gallery developed an education model with programmes for groups of different ages and needs. Gal the Dwarf is the underlying theme of all activities for young childrenand hehas become the icon of education department in the Gallery. The renovation of the Narodni dom Palace was an excellent opportunity to find and prepare a permanent Gal's Room, which makes Gal's world tangible and at the same time excites children for the fine arts.

Project author and coordinator
Kristina Preininger

Illustrations and room set
Jakob Klemenčič

Graphic design
Katja Kastelic

Professional support
Tina Buh, Nataša Braunsberger, Tjaša Debeljak Duranović, Tanja Milharčič, Teja Vučko

Gal's Room is supported by
Igor Akrapovič

Gal's artefacts were donated by
Suzana Belak Pungartnik
Darko Korošec
Jure Smole
Secondary School of Wood Engineering Škofja Loka
Gorenjska predilnica Škofja Loka

From 28 January 2016 onwards
National Gallery of Slovenia
Prešernova 24
1000 Ljubljana