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The department brings together several departments:

Photo Library

The Photo Library comprises the photographs of the art fund of the National Gallery of Slovenia and partially also of other related institutions, as well as comparative material to be found on location. Old photographic images are stored as black-and-white photographs, more recent ones as colour slides, and the most recent in digital form.

The Photo Library is primarily intended for internal use, however, it is also open to outside users for study purposes or for specified reasons. In order to borrow material from the Photo Library, a written request must be submitted in advance to the Administration Office or the Photo Library management. Any loan of photographic material owned by the National Gallery of Slovenia is subject to the internal General conditions of hire and rental of photographic documents. Usage is charged by the National Gallery of Slovenia according to its internal Price list for material rights for the use of photographs.

Jassmina Marijan, Museum Adviser
Head of Documentation
E: jassmina_marijan(at)

Photo Studio

The primary function of the Photo Studio is the basic photographic documentation of the Gallery’s art fund and recording of comparative material outside the gallery.

The photographic documents of the works of art provide the public with an insight into and access to the wealth of the Gallery’s collections, both through exhibition catalogues and the Gallery’s website. A well-equipped photo laboratory allows for a production of technically demanding images.

Janko Dermastja, Photographer
E: janko_dermastja(at)

Special Collections

The Special Collections of the National Gallery of Slovenia consist of a collection of posters (and calendars) and a collection of archival documents, called Fund D.

The collection of posters (and calendars) is composed of Slovenian posters and foreign posters (ranging from Japanese to South African and from American to Australian) that promote museums and galleries and their exhibitions. A smaller part of the collection is made of posters for other content: theatre, tourism, sport, politics and commerce.
The collection holds more than 3900 pieces; information on them is partially available in digital form in the Infolit database.

The collection of archival documents (Fund D) contains the personal archives of Slovenian artists and their companions who worked in the second half of the 19th century and in the first half of the 20th century. The Fund is mostly made of written documents, with smaller share made of photographs, sketches, miscellaneous print (exhibition catalogues, invitation, newspaper cut-outs, etc.) and personal items.

Access to the Special Collections is available to outside users by prior appointment during official hours of the Library of the National Gallery of Slovenia.

mag. Kristina Preininger, Museum Adviser
E: kristina_preininger(at)


The primary task of the Registry is taking care of the storage of artworks and their handling. The Registry oversees the processes of receiving works of art into the Gallery – new acquisitions (inventory), loans, exhibitions (preparation of loan contracts, arrangement of export documentation, transportation and packaging of artworks), storage and loan of artworks to other institutions.

Any loan of works of art owned by the National Gallery of Slovenia is subject to signing the Loan for use contract. A written request must be submitted in advance to the Management of the National Gallery of Slovenia, after which it is dealt with by an expert committee.

Since 2005, the Registry takes care of the Government Art Collection. It is head of the Provenance of artworks from the collection of the National Gallery of Slovenia project since 2006.


Kaja Cajhen

Nina Smrekar