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Information of Public Importance

Name and seat: National Gallery of Slovenia, Puharjeva 9, 1000 Ljubljana
Founder: Republic of Slovenia
Charter document: Decision establishing the public institution Narodna galerija (National Gallery of Slovenia) (OG RS, no. 8/2004), amended (OG RS, no. 31/2009) 

The National Gallery of Slovenia is a cultural, science and research institute that studies, collects and through exhibitions and interpretations of the works of art communicates to the public the history of artistic creativity, patronage and reception of the entire Slovene cultural space.

Register of companies: District Court of Ljubljana, reg. input no. 1/615/00
Registration number: 5052076000
Tax number: SI38676770
Current account: 01100-6030377028
Classification of activities: included in the charter
Main office: the institute is active at its main address
Person in charge: dr. Barbara Jaki, director

Additional information available in Slovene language on: