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Maintenance and Technicians

The National Gallery's maintenance department is responsible for the maintenance of the building and ensures smooth functioning of the air-conditioning system and other mechanical devices. Stable climatic environment is thus kept at optimal moisture, temperature and light conditions in the dark rooms and exhibition halls. The department also includes a joiner's workshop, responsible for the making of frames and blind frames for exhibitions, other furniture essential for the staging of exhibitions, and for meeting the demands of the restoration workshop.

The department is qualified to handle works of art, therefore it organises their transportation as well as participates in the technical aspect of the staging of exhibitions.

A special office supplies the Gallery with office equipment and other accessories, and is responsible for forwarding its publications.

Jože Raspet, Senior Museum Technician
Head of Maintenance and Technicians
E: joze_raspet(at)
T: (01) 24 15 406

Luka Oražem, Tehnician
E: luka_orazem(at)
T: (01) 24 15 432

Jože Kalan, Senior Museum Expert
E: joze_kalan(at)
T: (01) 24 15 408 

Dušan Bradeško, Tehnician
E: dusan_bradesko(at)
T: (01) 14 15 408

Jasmina Takaj, cleaner
Minka Mahmić, cleaner
Sabina Abdić, cleaner