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Exhibitions and Projects
21 May 2019 through 2 June 2019

19th Conservator-Restorers’ Professional Meeting

Professional Meeting and Poster Exhibition

The National Gallery of Slovenia is hosting the 19th Conservator-Restorers’ Professional Meeting on 21 May 2019. Participants from Slovenia and abroad will present their work through posters, short videos and lectures. The event is organised jointly by the Slovenian Restorers Association, the Slovenian Museums Association, and the National Gallery. The lectures and presentations start at 10am and aim at expert public.

The general public will be able to learn more about past and ongoing projects at the exhibition of posters (21 May–2 June 2019) which will be open every day except Mondays, from 10am to 6pm, on Thursdays until 8pm. Admission to this exhibition is free. You are kindly invited!

The exhibition will present many recent projects, worth mentioning among them is the conservation-restoration treatment of photographs and paper documents from the Nagode trial.

As concerns the treatment of paintings, we could point out the oil painting on iron support Kranj in Flames, allegedly executed in Layer's workshop,  from the National Museum of Slovenia's collection. It was in poor condition with a corroded support, covered with a darkened coating and a mass of graphite inscriptions.

In the field of archeology, very interesting project is the treatment of Roman frescoes discovered in 2016–2018 during excavations in Celje. Interventions on ancient frescoes and walls with preserved plasters from the 1st and 3rd centuries are presented.

Renovation of the Aljaž Turret also stands out. It was completed in 2018, when the turret was returned to the original location on the top of Mt. Triglav.

In the Scientific Research field we could point out the examination of the oldest photograph of Kranj dated back to 1860 found in the cover of a congratulatory book. The author of the photograph could be Janez Puhar, but  this could not be confirmed yet.

The professional meeting is part of the 12th Conservation-Restoration Transversal, a number of events between March 26 and June 3, 2019 which bring together representatives of the profession and all those interested in cultural heritage.

Meeting organised by
Natonal Gallery of Slovenia, Slovenian Restorers Association, Slovenian Museums Association

Executive organiser
Department of Conservation and Restoration of the National Gallery of Slovenia

Head of the project and coordinator
Martina Vuga

Exhibition staging
National Gallery's team of technicians

Materials prepared by
Martina Vuga

21 May 2019 through 2 June 2019
National Gallery of Slovenia
Prešernova 24
1000 Ljubljana