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Exhibitions and Projects
25 October–27 November 2011

5th Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications

5th International Design Event

Once again the National Gallery is hosting the most important national overview of visual communications. As usual it is organised by the Brumen Foundation, and the exhibition includes as many as 231 top notch works in the field of design, created in the last two years.  

The purpose of the Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications is to strengthen the awareness of how important the high quality design of products and services actually is – for everyday users, for students as well as experts in the field of design, and especially for businessmen and managers.

The two year cycle starts with the invitation to tender – a call for the designers to apply with their works. The works submitted are then reviewed, and the best of them qualify for the exhibition. The selection is carried out by the commission consisting of the award winners from the previous Biennial. The works exhibited are then reviewed by an international jury, which selects the candidates for the highest professional acknowledgement: the Brumen Awards.

The members of the international jury – renowned names from the global design scene – do not only evaluate the works, but also present themselves as lecturers and artists in the context of the accompanying International Design Event.

This year's jury members consists of: Davor Bruketa (designer, artistic and creative director; Croatia), Mervyn Kurlansky (designer, lecturer, co founder of the famous Pentagram; Denmark), Filip Pagowski (designer, working between Warsaw, Paris, New York and the Far East; Poland/USA), Gerard Unger (the famous typographer, master of letter design; Netherlands) and John L. Walters (editor of the design magazine Eye, a Guardian columnist; Great Britain).

The solemn exhibition opening and award ceremony is taking place on 25 October at 7 p.m. Already a day earlier, on 24 October, you may attend the free lectures of the jury members in the Šiška cinema, from 10 a.m.

More information available at: and Guided tours information:

Produced by
Brumen Foundation

President of the 5th Biennial
Matevž Medja

Technical assistant
Peter Skalar

Image design
Matjaž Čuk

Exhibitions setup
Matjaž Čuk, Luka Mancini, Katarina Mrvar (Lukatarina)

National Gallery coordinator
Marja Lorenčak Kiker

25 October – 27 November 2011
Narodna galerija
Prešernova 24
1000 Ljubljana