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Access of vulnerable groups to cultural heritage

National Gallery of Slovenia is participating in the project

The purpose of the project is to train members of different vulnerable groups (migrants, ethnic minorities, Roma, people with disabilities, first-time jobseekers and unemployed people over 55) to perform the museums' public services and to ensure greater social inclusion. The project is also aimed at providing expertise and practical experience to museum employees. This will enable access of vulnerable groups to cultural heritage as well as establish best practices in Slovenia's national museums, which will be used later in the country's other museums and in other areas of culture and education.
Project "Access of vulnerable groups to cultural heritage" will be carried out by Slovene Ethnographic Museum in collaboration with other national museums. An important objective of the project is to strengthen the social role of museums, which through such activities raise the quality of living of vulnerable groups and increase their social inclusion. The programs aim to raise awareness of the society, expand horizons and increase tolerance and to contribute to ensuring equal opportunities for access to cultural heritage.

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