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Exhibitions and Projects
11 March–2 May 2010

Architect Boris Podrecca

Monographic Exhibition

Boris Podrecca is one of the most famous European architects. Born in Belgrade, he spent a short part of his childhood in Ljubljana and, as a youth, lived in Trieste. When he went to Vienna as a sculpture student, Austria had just freed itself from the fetters of the post-war division of the occupation zone and had made great strides toward democracy. He brought great love for the Mediterranean, and its culture, to this unfamiliar environment. In Vienna, he got to know the other half of architecture built on the premises of Semper, Wagner and Loos.

His knowledge of Slavic, Roman and Germanic cultural environments is reflected in his works throughout Europe. Podrecca is an architect with many homelands — and this is his great advantage. He reads and travels extensively. He does not want to be fashionable or Postmodern, and it would be difficult to pigeonhole his style. He is familiar with the work of all the great architects, but they are only a stimulus to his own creation, not models for imitation. He strongly believes in certain postulates of modern architecture and builds on them to create his own style. Podrecca believes that one’s home must be beautiful and practical, because only these Vitruvius virtues can ensure that his work remains timeless.

Just as he knows the traditional methods of classical building construction, he also understands new technologies and seriously follows the development of new construction techniques. This is how, in the spirit of Auguste Perret, Podrecca independently builds his artistic expression.

The exhibition mostly covers works from his later period. In addition to photographs, large models and original architectural drawings are presented so his thoughts can be followed from their birth, to their often-monumental realization. A richly illustrated 276-page catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

Damjan Prelovšek

Studio Boris Podrecca

Selection of works
Michael Grossmann

Marja Lorenčak Kiker

Conservation and restoration
Tina Buh

Multimedia presentations
Andrej Doblehar, Luka Hribar

Technical implementation and exhibition layout
RPS, d. o. o.

Organisation of technical works
National Gallery of Slovenia

Gert von Basewitz, Donato di Bello, Mischa Erben, Gisela Erlacher, Damir Fabijanič, Damjan Gale, Iztok Grmek, Pez Hejduk, Robert Herbst, Christian Homolka, Jaka Jeraša, Boris Kačan, Miran Kambič, Gabriela Koch, Teo Krijgsman, Alberto Lagomaggiore, Frank Lynen, Gerhard Luckner, Monika Nikolic, Wolfram Otlinghaus, Paola De Pietri, Boris Podrecca, Damjan Prelovšek, Janez Pukšič, Uwe Rau, Herbert Schwingenschlögl, Margherita Spiluttini, Ludwig Thalheimer, Marco Zanta, Gerald Zugmann

Project supported by
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

Avstrijski kulturni forum; Best Western Premium Hotel Slon, d. d.; Brič, d.o.o.; Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group; Immorent Ljubljana, d.o.o; KD Kvart, d.o.o.; Kranjska investicijska družba, d.o.o.; Marmor Hotavlje Group; Riko, d.o.o; RPS, d.o.o; Rubicon-Invest und Beratungs AG; Starmann Metallbau GmbH; Založba Rokus Klett, d.o.o

11 March–2 May 2010
National Gallery of Slovenia
Prešernova 24
1000 Ljubljana