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Exhibitions and Projects
21 June – 12 July 2019

Art interconnects us

Exhibition of works from the National Gallery's Art Courses

When we stand before a painting, sculpture or print we surrender ourselves to their expressive address and enter into a silent dialogue with their creators. We re-experience their feelings, we read mental backgrounds, or we try to find out how a certain work of art was coming into existence. The exhibits assembled in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Slovenia are a rich source of creative inspiration. For this reason, in addition to guided tours and lectures for visitors, we have been organizing various creative courses for a number of years. The courses are meant to invite visitors to make drawings and sculptures in front of the exhibits in the collection or to test their abilities in printmaking. The present exhibition shows the works of participants to four courses that were held in the National Gallery from February to May 2019. We invite you to join us in the autumn courses which will start in September.

Drawing course for beginners

Before the beginning of individual drawing exercises the ten participants received instructions for drawing from imagination. They drew vertical and horizontal sections of bodies, thus acquiring  a sense of spatial perception of bodies. By drawing from imagination they avoided copying and imitation and acquired better and lasting drawing skill.

Drawing and painting course: Mastering a portrait

The eleven participants delved into the secrets of nineteenth-century painting principles and techniques. They learned about study steps that had been established by Parisian masters, such as painters Charles Bargue and Jean-Léon Gérôme, the leading masters in the upgrading process of the study system in the painting academies of the time. Each individual trained their skill of drawing through numerous adapted exercises which were accompanied by the theacher's lectures and demonstrations. Their final project was to make a copy of Ivana Kobilca's painting Girl in an Armchairwhich they executed in a multi-layer technique with oil paints.

Intaglio printmaking techniques course

The eight participants of the course were trained in different intaglio printmaking techniques: drypoint, etching, aquatint, reservage, vernis-mou. The intaglio technique also enabled them to vary different techniques. They prepared matrixes themselves and learned how to make quality graphic impressions. The prints they made evidence their acquired technical skill and the development of their own artistic idiom. Each participant expressed their own linear lyricism, selected composition, and colour or tone mood.

Clay sculpture course

The eleven participants modelled clay in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. They learned about the principles of modelling clay, different paints for colouring clay, glazes. They started by making a relief, then a vessel, mask, hollow sphere, animal figure, human figure, portrait, etc. They found inspiration for their work in the wonderful sculpture collection of the National Gallery of Slovenia.

Mentor of  Drawing course
Tadej Tozon

Mentor of  Drawing and panting course
Nik Anikis Skušek

Mentor of  Drawing and Intaglio printmaking courses
Tina Mohorović

Mentor of  Clay sculpture course
Sabina Mattersdorfer

Coordination of the exhibition
Tjaša Debeljak, Kristina Preininger, Živa Rogelj

Preparation of works
Tina Buh

Translated by
Alenka Klemenc

21 June – 12 July 2019
National Gallery of Slovenia
Prešernova 24
1000 Ljubljana