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Exhibitions and Projects

Art interconnects us

Exhibition of works from the National Gallery‘s Art Courses

The exhibits assembled in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Slovenia are a rich source of creative inspiration. For this reason we have been organizing various creative courses for a number of years. The present exhibition shows the works of participants to the courses that were held in the National Gallery between May and December 2019.

Drawing courses
In the drawing course for beginners, the participants learned the basics of drawing geometric bodies. They drew vertical and horizontal cross-sections of the bodies, thus gaining the sense of their spatial representation. In advanced courses, they applied their acquired drawing skill to drawing flowers or upgraded it by learning about modelling and shading.

Painting courses
In three thematic painting courses, the participants, drawing inspiration from the Gallery's pictures or photographs, painted portraits, figures or still-lifes. They delved into the mysteries of nineteenth-century painting principles and techniques. Each participant trained their painting skills with the help of a number of adapted exercises which were accompanied by the mentor's lectures and demonstrations. The final projects were copies of selected paintings from the permanent collection of the National Gallery.

Intaglio printmaking techniques course
The participants in the course were trained in different intaglio printmaking techniques: drypoint, etching, aquatint, reservage, vernis-mou. The intaglio technique also enabled them to vary different techniques. They prepared matrixes themselves and learned how to make quality graphic impressions. The prints they made are evidence of their acquired technical skill and of developing their own artistic idiom.

Watercolour course
The participants in the course learned the technique and expressive possibilities of watercolour painting.  They worked outdoors in the surroundings of the Gallery and in Tivoli Park. Watercolour is one of the most demanding painting media, so each participant, according to their prior skill, tackled it in their own way. Different drawing and painting skills resulted in a great variety of visual expression.

Clay sculpture course
The participants modelled clay in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. They learned about the principles of modelling clay, different paints for colouring it, glazes and patination. The course was adapted to each individual participant and their level of skill, while they looked for inspiration in the wonderful sculpture collection of the National Gallery of Slovenia.

Mentor of drawing courses
Tadej Tozon

Mentor of painting courses
Nik Anikis Skušek

Mentor of intaglio printmaking course
Tina Mohorović

Mentor of aquarel course
Miha Pirnat

Mentor of clay sculpture course
Sabina Mattersdorfer, art teacher

Coordination of the exhibition
Tjaša Debeljak Duranović

Works prepared by
Tina Buh, Miha Pirnat

Translated by
Alenka Klemenc
18 June  30 August, 2020
National Gallery of Slovenia
Prešernova 24
1000 Ljubljana