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Exhibitions and Projects
Exhibition | 1. 9. 2022 ̶ 25. 9. 2022

Art interconnects us

Exhibition of selected works by the participants to the National Gallery’s art courses 2022

The works of art in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Slovenia are a diverse source of creative inspiration. For this reason, in addition to guided tours and lectures, we have been running various creative courses for our visitors for many years.

Advanced Intaglio Printmaking Techniques Course 
The participants made prints in various intaglio printmaking techniques: drypoint, etching, vernis-mou, aquatint and reservage. Most of the participants had prior knowledge in printmaking, thus we were able to explore the complex processes of matrix preparation, the mechanical and chemical processes of motif creation, and how to obtain a high-quality print as the final goal of printmaking. During the course, the participants demonstrated great mastery of printmaking expression, which was manifested in high-quality prints and artistic variety.

Drawing courses 
At the drawing course Portrait Step-by-step, participants explored the relationships between parts of the human face and the basic modules of the entire human head using plaster models of the eye, ear, mouth, nose and an oval-shaped model of the head. They created in pencil and pastel techniques, while learning about shading and the concept of light and dark of the art theory. With their final assignment the course participants referred to Slovenian realists, whereby they chose a portrait photo and rendered it in the colour pastel technique.
At the drawing course From portrait to human figure, participants learned about different approaches to drawing the human figure. Starting by drawing by observation a plaster model of the human head and a model of the human skull, they further made drawings of plaster models of the human palm, foot, torso and a wooden full-length figure. The emphasis was on aiming and conveying angles and mastering proportions. The final assignment consisted of drawing a figure of a live model.

Oil painting course 
At the painting course Everyone can paint like a master, the participants first learned to mix their own oil paints in the manner that was known centuries ago in the workshops of the great painting masters. The participants delved into the secrets of the painting principles and techniques of the nineteenth century. Each individual trained his or her painting skills through a number of tailor-made exercises accompanied by lectures and demonstrations of the mentor. The final project consisted of rendering copies of selected full-length portrait paintings from the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Slovenia.

Mentor of intaglio printmaking courses: Admir Ganić
Mentor of drawing courses: Tina Konec
Mentor of oil painting course: Nik Anikis Skušek
Preparation of works for the exhibition: Tina Buh
Exhibition coordination: Tjaša Debeljak Duranović

1 September – 25 september 2022
National Gallery of Slovenia
Prešernova 24
1000 Ljubljana