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Exhibitions and Projects
Project | From January 2020 onwards

Dementia-Friendly Spot

Programme of expert lectures, gatherings and art workshops for people with reduced cognitive ability and people with dementia

The National Gallery of Slovenia, as the central Slovenian institution for older visual art, has joined forces with Spominčica - Alzheimer Slovenia, which provides professional and effective help to people with dementia, their relatives and caregivers.

Together, we are preparing a programme of professional lectures and a cycle of Alzheimer Cafe gatherings, where relatives of people with dementia can obtain the useful information and support they need.

We have also designed customized guided tours and art workshops for the elderly and people with dementia, where we nurture creativity, stimulate imagination and train memory. Fine art helps people with dementia to express their feelings and emotions more easily, because art engages a different area of the brain than the one we use for speech and language.

Would you like a free personalized guided tour of the museum or a creative workshop with an art teacher? Write to or call 386 1 24 15 415.

In September 2020, the National Gallery of Slovenia became the first museum institution in the country to become a Dementia-Friendly Spot.

Gallery of memories

Free guides and creative workshops for people with reduced cognitive ability and for people with dementia and their carers.

Guided tours are adjusted in their time-frame and content. In half an hour, we focus on the most famous works of art of the Permanent Collection, encouraging mutual communication, and using various tools to enable a multi-sensory experience of the exhibited works of art. At the workshop, which is thematically related to leadership, we encourage creativity and use different materials and techniques.

If visiting the National Gallery of Slovenia is difficult to access, gallery animators and art educators can also hold creative workshops in homes and centres for senior citizens. With this, we enable the students to create in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Museums connect society and build communities with their collections and programs.

  • The program is supported by Zavarovalnica Triglav.

European project ART vs DEMENTIA

This year, the National Gallery of Slovenia, in cooperation with Združenje Spominčica - Alzheimer Slovenia, participates in the European Erasmus+ project called ART vs DEMENTIA, Art therapy as an empathic tool to strengthen and maintain the cognitive, physical and relational skills of people with dementia. Three other countries are involved in the project: Greece, Italy and Latvia, and it is aimed at getting to know different approaches, exchanging good practices and counselling in working with people with dementia, where art therapy as an empathic tool can strengthen and maintain the cognitive, physical and social skills of people with dementia.

Creative activities

Making art allows is soothing and releases accumulated negative emotions, and contributes to the reduction of anxious mood, evokes a feeling of satisfaction and strengthens self-confidence. Art and creativity help people with dementia to express their feelings more easily.

We have prepared customized creative activities for users, which they can undertake in the relaxed atmosphere of your home environment.

Art assignments

Watch the video clip, prepare your creative tools and start creating! Scrapbooking, drawing, printing... choose what suits you best. The tasks are simple and will brighten up an afternoon or two.

Colouring books

Print out a colouring book and start creating. One can follow our suggestion of a colour scheme that comes close to the original work, or one can choose different colours. The only thing that matters is that you enjoy it!

Alzheimer Cafe at the National Gallery of Slovenia

Every last Tuesday of the month at 11.00 am

A cycle of lectures and gatherings where relatives of people with dementia get useful information and the support they need. Meetings take place in the gallery auditorium or online.

More information

For more information about the project and activities contact the project coordinator.

Živa Rogelj: (01) 24 15 416,
Nataša Braunsberger: (01) 24 15 415, (temporarily absent)
Kaja Cajhen: (01) 24 15 415,

The activities facilitated in cooperation with the Association Spominčica - Alzheimer Slovenia. Together, we contribute to a dementia-friendly society and enable both sufferers and their relatives to live as high a quality of life as possible.