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Exhibitions and Projects
Exhibition | 2 Feb. – 8 May 2022

Donation of Metka Krašovec to the National Gallery of Slovenia

Metka Krašovec : Tomaž Šalamun : Radko Polič – Rac

Metka Krašovec (1941–2018) was one of the most prominent Slovenian artists, professor of drawing and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Ljubljana and since 2015 an associate member of The Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. She was working in painting, prints, drawing and illustration. Among other recognitions, she received the Prešeren Fund Award (1973), the Jakopič Award (1983) and in 2017 the Prešeren Award for lifetime achievement.

Krašovec donated a large part of her extensive and diverse work to the National Gallery. By selecting two hundred and fifty-one works from all her artistic periods, she bequeathed the Gallery a representative collection of her art.

The authorship of the exhibition and the presentation of the donation were entrusted to the theatre actor Radko Polič - Rac. He focused on the parts of her work that were exhibited least and are therefore the least known to the general public; these are her most intimate works that reflect the essence of Metka Krašovec’s art. Her work is illuminated by poetry which accompanied her all her life, especially in the thirty-six years of living with the poet Tomaž Šalamun (1941–2014). The artists, life and creative companions, inspired each other in their work.

Rac choose the poems and drawing for the exhibition regardless of their titles and chronology, so they follow each other undisturbed by museum factography, like titles, technique, measurements or dates.

With each drawing, you can listen to recordings of selected Šalamun’s poems, interpreted by Radko Polič - Rac and experience in depth a new, holistic work of art bringing together three great artists.

Author of the exhibition
Radko Polič – Rac

Project coordination
Mateja Krapež

Conservation and restoration
Tina Buh

Exhibition set-up and design
Kristina Kurent

The exhibition was made possible by

2 February – 8 May 2022
National Gallery of Slovenia
Narodni dom Gallery
Cankarjeva 20
1000 Ljubljana