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Exhibitions and Projects
30 July–15 October 2013

Eyes of the Gaze

New Connections

Due to the renovation plans, the building Narodni dom has been closed and the permanent collections of Slovene and European masters have been refurbished and are presented in the new wing of the National Gallery of Slovenia. A new display presents possibilities for new explanations, new connections, for a new gaze.

With the advertising campaign Eyes of the gaze the gallery hopes to introduce its works of art to a wider audience. We want to show the visitors that works of art in the main Slovene gallery are not just a collection of patrons' desires, material and artistic dexterity but a telling echoes from the past; the stories behind their gaze can help us understand the present as well.


  • Was she married to a tycoon?
  • Was he given privileges in the society?
  • Was he a precarious worker?
  • Was he hiding his wealth?
  • Was she exploiting family connections?
  • Is the sword mightier than the pen?

Six billboards, six questions. Every advertisement poses a question that connects the work of art to the modern world and reminds us of the issues that are a constant in our history. The National Gallery of Slovenia invites you to find the answers to the questions and to see the images hiding behind the gaze.

Bojan Kuhar

Matej Colja

30 July–15 October 2013
National Gallery of Slovenia
Prešernova 24
1000 Ljubljana