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Exhibitions and Projects
20 June–27 September 2009

First Prints

Work produced in the workshop for intaglio printing techniques 2004-09

The original idea of Professor Marjan Pogačnik was for an experimental workshop for intaglio printing techniques to come to life at the National Gallery of Slovenia. Besides Pogačnik’s graphic oeuvre and documentary material, the Pogačnik couple gave the National Gallery of Slovenia also two of the artist’s printing presses and other printmaking equipment, which made up the material foundation for setting up the workshop.

The mentorship and leading of the workshop was, upon the donor's request, taken on by Full Professor Bojan Kovačič, whose aim was the production of some typical studio work as part of a printmaking workshop for intaglio techniques. Pogačnik’s printing device made an education programme possible, whereby students would learn about intaglio printing techniques like drypoint, etching, aquatint, soft ground etching (vernis mou), reservage and their combinations.

During the five years, fifty printmaking enthusiasts were initiated into the mysteries of the procedures of intaglio printmaking. During 2004-2005, when the National Gallery of Slovenia first invited applications for a 40-hour course in intaglio printing techniques, a dozen mature students participated in the workshop with great zeal. From among their ranks arrived the idea for us to prepare a continuing workshop for the following year. Many participants attended the workshop for several years. Among them are students, professors, curators, restorers, architects, art teachers, art historians, textile designers, lawyers, pensioners ... we are putting a selection of their best prints on show.

The National Gallery of Slovenia invites you to spend Monday afternoons creatively in the gallery's printmaking workshop and help the fruition of Pogačnik's idea. Enrolment on the course for 2009-2010 is already underway at the box office of the National Gallery of Slovenia.

Exhibition set-up
Bojan Kovačič, Kristina Preininger

Selection of prints for exhibition
Andrej Smrekar, Marja Lorenčak, Kristina Preininger

Preparation of material
Tina Buh

20 June–16 August 2009
The exhibition will be on display until 27 September!
National Gallery of Slovenia
Prešernova 24
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia