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Exhibitions and Projects
30 September 2014–19 May 2015

Harmony of the Spheres XIV

Lectures and concerts

Dear Friends of the National Gallery of Slovenia and the Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra,

The Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra, founded in 1993, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. We wish to thank in the first place all of you, who faithfully follow our events, and the National Gallery of Slovenia, which has warranted a continuous growth and development to our orchestra by coproduction of the Harmony of the Spheres. Since our first season in 2001 we have mastered and produced over seventy concerts in combination with lectures on visual arts. Many  a piece of music  was composed to our commission, and there are many more of those, although composed in previous centuries, that were produced within the Harmony of the Spheres for the first time in Slovenia. We have recorded the most successful ones on promotional CDs.

Wishing to enlarge our audience in the National Gallery of Slovenia, we have put together an irresistible program under a single title Serenades. Serenade developed a vocal into an instrumental but still rather informal composition during the neoclassical and romantic periods. However it can sometimes take on the form of a symphony or suite. We shall play for you some of the most beautiful ones by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Antonín Dvořak, Josef Suk, Edward Elgar, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Hugo Wolf in Dane Škerl. The soloists this time will be violinist Črtomir Šiškovič, member of our ensemble, concert master Janez Podlesek and our cellist Igor Škerjanec. Our gifted young percussionist Vid Ušeničnik will join us for the concluding concert in May. Our guests will be friends and partners from Zagreb, The Zagreb Soloists. This season will not pass without a novelty – you will come to know how a serenade is imagined by our excellent composer of international renown Vito Žuraj. You will enjoy interesting lectures in fine arts, a contribution of the National Gallery of Slovenia.

We shall attempt to tune the lectures with the purpose of serenade as an address of a dear person. Lecturers Andrej Smrekar, Mateja Breščak, Ferdinand Šerbelj, will expose the relationship of artist and patron in the Slovenian artistic tradition through case-studies. The museum's director Barbara Jaki will, on the other hand, use the opportunity to present the new image of the National Gallery of Slovenia, as coronation of the three decades of striving for transformation of our venerable institution into a contemporary and up to date art museum. Welcome!

Klemen Hvala, Art Director of SFCSO
Dr. Barbara Jaki, Director of NG

Subscription price: 75 €
Single ticket: 20 €

Subscription price for Friends of the National Gallery: 60 €
Single ticket: 12 €

180 seats available at a single price. Subscription or single tickets available at the front desk of the National Gallery of Slovenia, Ljubljana, 10 a.m.–6 p.m., or one hour before the event; closed Mondays.


30 September 2014, National Gallery of Slovenia
Vito Žuraj (new work), G. Tartini, P.I. Čajkovski
Igor Škerjanec, cello
A Visual Serenade?
Andrej Smrekar, National Gallery of Slovenia

11 November 2014, National Gallery of Slovenia
A. Dvořak, B. Papandopulo, D. Šostakovič, Uroš Krek
The Zagreb Soloists
A Troubadour, a Lady and the Moon
Igor Grdina, Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts

10 March 2015, National Gallery of Slovenia
Hugo Wolf, Franz Joseph Haydn, Josef Suk
Črtomir Šiškovič, violin
Fran Šuklje, the Advocate of the New Art
Mateja Breščak, National Gallery of Slovenia

14 April 2015, National Gallery of Slovenia
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Giuseppe Tartini, Antonín Dvořak
Janez Podlesek, violin
The Patron and His Artist: Attems and Remb
Ferdinand Šerbelj, Narodna galerija / National Gallery of Slovenia

19 May 2015, National Gallery of Slovenia
Dane Škerl, Emmanuel Séjourné, Edward Elgar
Vid Ušeničnik, marimba
National Gallery of Slovenia Newly Dressed
Barbara Jaki, National Gallery of Slovenia

The following made the Harmony of the Spheres XIV possible
Ministrstvo za kulturo
Narodna galerija
Mestna občina Ljubljana
Composition by Vito Žuraj (1979) Serinata (2014) commissioned by Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra, funded by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.