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Exhibitions and Projects
16 June 2021 ‒ 9 January 2022

Hinko Smrekar

Ljubljana, 1883‒1942

The work of painter and drawing and print artist Hinko Smrekar is an inexhaustible source of spiritual, artistic, social and political life of the first half of the 20th century. Socially engaged and uncompromising, Smrekar always sided with the common man when searching for Truth. He created works with folk, fairy-tale and fantasy motifs and illustrated many books for children, youth and adults. 

He was an excellent observer of everyday life and individual folk characters. His relevance today is most evident in caricatures and satire, where he criticised the morals of the society and its individuals, while he is also known for pioneering comics in Slovenia.

The last retrospective dedicated to him was in 1952, while his work has never been collected and assessed in its entirety. Due to Smrekar’s large body of work and the sensitivity of the works on paper - which represent almost 90 percent of his oeuvre - we decided to divide the exhibition into two parts. In this way, his body of work will be presented thoroughly, with more than 300 works on view.

16 june 2021 ‒ 9 January 2022
National Gallery of Slovenia
Prešernova 24
1000 Ljubljana