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Exhibitions and Projects
1.–23. August 2020

Images of a Paradise

Bled in the Paintings of the National Gallery of Slovenia

Idyllic scenes of the lake, the island with the Church of the Mother of God, Bled Castle and Mt. Stol in the background have become so familiar that we do not wonder why and how they became so prevalent. Many artists came to Bled and in its surroundings and their work was linked to the contemporary artistic, scientific and social developments. In the first half of the 19th century, the artists drew parallels between nature and human emotions. Growing interest for the natural world was also fuelled by scientific progress, easier travels, tourism and local studies. Mountains also became an independent motif that spread due to mountaineering and national identifications with landscape. Photography and postcards further popularised Bled motifs. The traditional motif remains widespread since it merges cultural and natural heritage. Artists and advertisers effectively linked the place with folk costumes and music of Gorenjska into a trio that since the 1960s has functioned as a trademark of the entire Slovenia.  

Bled is one of the stations of the Impressionisms Routes, a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.
1–23 August 2020
Lake Promenade, Bled
The exhibition has been prepared by the National Gallery of Slovenia and Bled Tourist Board