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Exhibitions and Projects
5 February−18 March 2018

National Gallery of Slovenia 1918−2018

Celebrating together!

To commemorate 100 years of the National Gallery of Slovenia, the exhibition in the lobby of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia shows the daily life of the institution, as seen from the outside and the happenings out of public sight.

The National Gallery of Slovenia is the main national institution of fine arts in the country and protects the largest art collection in Slovenian territory that ranges from the High Middle Ages to the 20th century. From its beginnings onwards, the Permanent Collection has undergone several transformations; the current set-up was presented at the inauguration of the renovated National Hall Palace in January 2016. The exhibition is the largest ever and extends to all three buildings of the Gallery complex. The Collection was established with purchases and with significant donations, with last major gift being a collection of works by Zoran Mušič by his family.

The Gallery halls also invite with temporary exhibitions. Among the most important ones in recent years was the exhibition of Slovenian Impressionism, which was mounted in 2008 and hosted by Petit Palais in Paris in 2013.

For visitors, the Gallery organizes many pedagogical-andragogic activities, professional tours of the Permanent Collection and temporary exhibitions, and smaller exhibitions that highlight selected works of art. With Curator for a Day, patrons visit the Permanent Collection with a distinguished personality. For lovers of fine arts and music, the Gallery and the Slovenian Philharmonic hold a cycle of art historical lectures and concerts by the Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra. The Gallery also welcomes renowned figures, such as directors of international museums, ambassadors from different countries and numerous other guests.

The exhibition also shows the happenings in the Gallery which are usually hidden from the public. Through photographs, we present the departments of the institution, from administration, expert departments to technical team.

The curators are the custodians of museum collections. They study works of art and present them to the public. The main task of the conservation-restoration specialists is to preserve the physical outlook and condition of art artefacts. The education department prepares programmes for children, youth and adult audiences.

The documentation department keeps records of all movements of art artefacts, while the photo library and photographers oversee photo documentation of the art collection and records of gallery events. A particularly valuable source of research information is the special collection, with documentation and personal archives of Slovenian artists. Experts are supported by a specialist library, which is also open to the general public. For the Gallery, the technical department maintenance the building and its surroundings is indispensable, since it also provides technical and logistical support for the exhibitions and performs many other tasks that keep the Gallery functioning smoothly.

All employees of the National Gallery of Slovenia are involved in the preparation and execution of the Gallery’s projects. With this exhibition, we want to show to the public what is required for an exhibition to be successful, from research to technical implementation.

Author of the exhibition and project coordinator
Nataša Ciber

Janko Dermastja, Bojan Salaj, Ajda Šubelj (social media), photolibrary of the National Gallery of Slovenia

Kristina Kurent

  • National Gallery of Slovenia 1918−2018 - Celebrating together!

5 February−18 March 2018
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
Maistrova ulica 10
1000 Ljubljana