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Moved to 2021

Revelations: Man with a Pretzel

Delusions, evasive truth, and possible interpretations of the Man with a Pretzel

By a happy coincidence, two paintings, Man with a Pretzel and The Fowler, came to light again after almost eighty years of their disappearance from the view of contemporary art audiences. The works had been known only from black-and-white photographs reproduced in a book as far back as 1938. The two genre paintings are now exhibited in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Slovenia as an important addition to the oeuvre of Slovenian painter Fortunat Bergant (1721–1769). 

The interpretation of the Man with a Pretzel motif was corrected after the original painting was recovered, since the belief in a skin disease on the face of the depicted man was recognized as a fallacy. Additional optical examinations and various material analyses and interdisciplinary cooperation resolved the dilemmas that occurred during the conservation treatment of the discussed painting. The interpretation of examination results essentially 

influenced the final look of the piece as we can experience it today.

Moved to 2021
National Gallery of Slovenia
Prešernova 24
1000 Ljubljana