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Exhibition | 25 May – 2 Oct. 2022

Sculptor Ivan Štrekelj (1916–1975)

Sculptor Ivan Štrekelj (Glince near Ljubljana, 23 September 1916 – Ljubljana, 10 June 1975) was a distinctly figural artist and mostly depicted girl and less often male figures. He worked in stone, baked clay, plaster and bronze.

After completing a school for deaf children, he attended the Secondary Technical School with professor France Kralj between 1932 and 1935. In 1938, he was accepted to the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Because of the war, he interrupted his studies and returned to Ljubljana, where he worked in a stone masonry shop in Žale cemetery and financially supported the Resistance. After the war, he attended the Academy in Ljubljana, where his professor was Frančišek Smerdu. In 1949, he finished the sculpting specialization with Boris Kalin. Štrekelj was a master of working with stone and his mentor Frančišek Smerdu often entrusted Štrekelj with preparing his stone maquettes. Štrekelj created his best works in the 1950s and in 1957 collaborated with painter Floris Oblak for an exhibition in Jakopič Pavilion. He was friends with Stojan Batič and in 1962 helped him with a monument to Boris Kidrič in Maribor. Štrekelj is also the author of Monument for the Hostages by Večna pot road in Rožna dolina, Ljubljana.

Ivan Štrekelj’s body of work has not yet been presented in a monographic exhibition. Ivan Štrekelj was marked by a sensory specific, since he completely lost his hearing when he was seven. He tried to make a living with occasional commissions, but lived in poverty. He was helped by members of the society of the deaf and by his artist friends. He died while crossing the railroad in Tivoli.

25 May – 2 October 2022
National Gallery of Slovenia
Narodni dom Gallery
Cankarjeva 20
1000 Ljubljana