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Exhibitions and Projects
18 April–13 July 2013

Slovene impressionists and their time 1890–1920

in the Petit Palais, City of Paris Fine Art Museum

The Petit Palais, City of Paris Fine Art Museum, is hosting the National Gallery of Slovenia's exhibition "Slovene impressionists and their time 1890–1920" from 18 April to 13 July 2013.

This presentation of Slovene fine art to the French and international audience is unprecedented both in the number of works and in the delineation of the time period. The exhibited objects are a selection from the exceptionally successful exhibition "Slovene Impressionists and their Time 1890–1920" in 2008 (to read more click here).

200 exhibits, the pinnacles of Slovene fine art of the period, are displayed: paintings, sculptures, drawings, caricatures, book designs and photographs. Film and architecture are presented through video projections.

At the same time, the exhibition is exploring the broader historical context of Ljubljana's formation as the national centre of Slovenes. In addition to the four Impressionists, Rihard Jakopič, Ivan Grohar, Matija Jama and Matej Sternen, the exhibition includes their contemporaries, especially two Realists, Jurij Šubic and Ivana Kobilca. The exhibition is upgraded by a version of "Before the Hunt" by Jurij Šubic from a museum in Niort, western France. In conjunction with the exhibition, a catalogue of 160 pages and with 70 colour reproductions has been released.

Read more about the exhibition at:
Les impressionnistes slovènes et leur temps, Le Petit Palais
The Slovenian impressionists and their time 1890 - 1920, Le Petit Palais
Slovenski impresionisti potujejo v Francijo, Delo
S polno paro proti Parizu, Dnevnik
Slovenski impresionisti v Parizu, MMC RTV Slovenija
Slovenski umetniki v družbi evropskih mojstrov, MMC RTV Slovenija
Slovene Impressionists and their Time,

A few photos of exibition:
.: Photo album :.

Project Managers
Barbara Jaki, Director of the National Gallery of Slovenia
Sylvain Lecombre, Head Heritage Curator at the Petit Palais

The project is supported by
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

18 April–13 July 2013
Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris
Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris