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Exhibitions and Projects
12–29 March 2009

The Associated Press

grand moments

The Associated Press was founded as an association of the most distinguished American newspapers in 1846 in order to collectively contribute and improve the international coverage. In the year 1935 they introduced the so-called “Wirephoto service” which basically refers to sending photographs via a telegraph or a telephone. Ever since, the AP photo reporters coming from a variety of nationalities, cultures and religions, have been documenting the informative pulse all over the world. The average of 3000 photographs are available to their subscribers on daily basis.

This exhibition reflects the daily effort of the photographers and photo reporters. Furthermore, it compliments all the professionals who have, with their devotion and work, which oftentimes requires a lot of risk-taking, contributed to what the AP is today – the world authority in the field of journalism. The exhibition does not attempt to encompass all the aspects of the AP production, but rather wishes to point out the variety and professional value of these works, which are daily revealed to us through the media. Many of the photographs represent the work of local photographers and photo reporters, who every day document the cruel reality of their nations - Palestinians, Iraqis, Israelis - and without them it would be virtually impossible to chronicle the reality of the world journalism.

The exhibition is composed of four parts, the first three being complementary, namely the last photography of the first complex is at the same time a part of the second complex, whereas the last photography of the second complex in turn belongs to the third complex.

  • Historical, world known photographs, which in one way or another marked the virtual culture of the 20th century and deserve a special place in our collective memory.
  • A wide spectre of photographs showing some of the conflicts, which marked the passage from the 20th to the 21st century – conflicts in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan and even the Balkan area and Africa. The raw and direct images represent a case of a true documentary photographical journalism and reflect the cruel reality of war and its consequences.
  • The reality of Latin America and the Caribbean as expressed through different aspects of the AP everyday reporting: sports, politics, religion, personalities, etc.
  • The fourth complex is comprised of three commentaries, which reflect the detailed work of the AP photographers. The American Associated Press, known especially for its coverage of everyday news, offers photo commentaries which were rewarded in different competitions. The commentaries reflect the skilfulness and flexibility of the agency's employees.

Photo exhibition of the Slovenia Press photo 2009 contest winners

The annual Slovenia Press Photo contest was created for all professional photographers who collaborate with Slovenian photo agencies, newspapers and magazines. As they follow and document all daily occurrences throughout the year, this contest is an opportunity to reward their hard work and acknowledge the best achievements of the previous year.

Winners are chosen out of five different categories covering the areas of News, People, Sports, Entertainment & Culture and Nature & the Environment photography. Prizes are awarded for the best single image and the best picture story in a category. Two grand prizes are also awarded to the best overall single picture and the best overall picture story of the contest.

The exhibition is composed of two parts, the first is comprised of the two overall winners of the contest (for best single image and best picture story of the contest), followed by the second part which exhibits winning single pictures and picture stories in all five categories.

Author of the exhibition
SPP Institute for the promotion of photography,
(Matej Leskovšek)

Exhibition set-up and graphic design
Lidija Biškup

Photographs lent by
The Associated Press

Project coordinator
Marja Lorenčak

Technical organizer
Jože Raspet

The exhibition was supported by
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia; Student club Sevnica; Volksbank; Mimovrste; Mobitel; Fotoformat; Epamedia; Eclipse; Žurnal24;; The Slovenia Times; National Geographic Slovenia; InDirekt; City Hotel Ljubljana

12–29 March 2009
National Gallery of Slovenia
Prešernova 24
1000 Ljubljana