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Exhibitions and Projects
Exhibition | 7 Mar. 2024 – 14 Jul. 2024

The Kroples Art Collection

For long decades, withdrawn from everyday routine and dedicated to the quest for beauty, the Kroples Art Collection has been coming into being.

The selection comprises sixty-six artworks by thirty Slovenian artists who were active in the second half of the nineteenth century and in the twentieth. One work is by painter Berta Zois Moro of Austrian Carinthia, likewise from the second half of the nineteenth century.

The exhibition is arranged chronologically and according to individual content-related groups, which compose a coherent narrative and direct visitors to follow the course of the exhibition tour. The progression flow runs from the Biedermaier and bourgeois landscape deep into the twentieth century. Interrelatedness of the artworks and their iconography were taken into account, such as landscape scenes, ethnographic motifs, figures at intimate actions, still lifes, works containing elements of Symbolism, Expressionism and the New Objectivity, and those of “moderate modernism”.

Painters Marko Pernhart and Anton Karinger depicted mountain landscapes rendered in late-Romantic spirit, frozen lakes, realistic panoramic views from Mt. Dobratsch, the magnificent alpine landscape with Mt. Triglav, the symbol of the Slovenianhood, and the like. Slovenian customs, scenes from everyday life of simple people or from folk tales were popular with Ivana Kobilca, Ivan Grohar, Maksim Gaspari, Gvidon Birolla, Hinko Smrekar, and Tone Kralj.

The only classical motif in the exhibition is by Henrika Langus. Displayed are also a number of paintings of fashionable, sophisticated salon women, represented sitting in armchairs, strolling on promenades or along banks by solitary waters, performing everyday or most intimate actions; they were created by painters, such as Ferdo Vesel, Matej Sternen, Rihard Jakopič, Fran Tratnik and Veno Pilon.

Still lifes, popular over long centuries and offering various challenges to artists, are shown, among others, also in paintings by Matija Jama and Gojmir Anton Kos.

Presented extensively are a variety of works by the members of the Independent Slovenian Artists’ Club (The Independents), such as Maksim Sedej, Nikolaj Omersa, Marij Pregelj, Stane Kregar, France Pavlovec, and Zoran Mušič; displayed by the latter are works from his early period. In addition to paintings of their contemporaries, there are also works by sculptors Lojze Dolinar, France Gorše, France Kralj and Frančišek Smerdu. Painter Metka Krašovec is the youngest artist in the exhibition.

The Kroples Art Collection excels in outstanding quality, exquisite taste, and authorial conception. The visual excellence of the artworks promises aesthetic pleasure, whereas the originality of the project is evident from the methodically gathered self-portraits of artists Maksim Gaspari, Gojmir Anton Kos, Maksim Sedeja Nikolaj Omersa, and Zoran Mušič.

Project leader
Alenka Simončič

Conservation-restoration works for the exhibition
Barbara Dragan, Miha Pirnat Jr.

Exhibition set-up and design
Ranko Novak

The project was supported by

7 March – 14 July 2024
National Gallery of Slovenia
Prešernova 24
1000 Ljubljana