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Exhibitions and Projects
14 May–14 June 2009

The Poster Festival Ljubljana '09

Exhibitions: Coexistence and Masterpieces

Ongoing cautioning about the destruction of nature has yet to bring us to our senses. The lack of awareness of the connection between human beings and other living creatures, including the largest organism – the Earth, will lead to doom. Between 11 and 16 May 2009 a major international event is taking place in the capital, the Poster Festival Ljubljana '09 on the theme of climatic change.

Through the poster media we are trying to convey to the international public important socio-political messages and hence highlight the global issue of coexistence.

The festival combines several events: “Competition” for young designers up to 35 years of age, “Workshop” of students from partner academies, the “Masterpieces” exhibition with the biggest names in poster design, “Eco Round Table” on the theme of climatic change and sustained development and the “Coexistence” visiting exhibition from Poland.

.: More on the project as a whole at :.

Two of these events, the exhibitions Coexistence – Posters by Polish Artists, and Masterpieces – The Social-Political Poster are hosted in the National Gallery of Slovenia.

Brumen Foundation

Conception of projects
Radovan Jenko

Set-up of exhibitions
Ranko Novak

Technical execution
Okvir d.o.o.; Enter d.o.o.; National Gallery of Slovenia

Coexistence – Posters by Polish Artists
14 May–24 May 2009
Narodni dom Gallery
Cankarjeva 20
1000 Ljubljana

Masterpieces – The Social-Political Poster
15 May–14 June 2009
Entrance hall
Prešernova 24
1000 Ljubljana