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Exhibitions and Projects
3 December 2015, 10am - 9pm

This Merry Day of Culture

Open Door Day of Slovenian Culture

Programme for Thursday, 3 December 2015

10am - 12am, Exhibition Hall, Entrance Hall
Jakopič, Thread and Coffee …
Fancy to knit, crochet or embroider inspired by Jakopič's masterpieces? You are kindly invited to join our first o December creative workshop. After a half-hour tour of the Jakopič exhibition Jottings with curator Kristina Preininger we join Suzana Belak Pungartnik to create a trinket. In Gallery's new café in Entrance Hall we learn new hand skills and enjoy a cup of coffee.

10am - 7pm, Permanent Collection
Gal's Chest and Discovery of Art Treasures
Children and parents are invited to independently search for works of art with the help of Gal's Green Chest or printed details of exhibited paintings. Children receive Gal's present for completed tasks and finished colouring pages. In the Entrance Hall you can also piece together large reproductions of selected paintings.

12am, Permanent Collection
Künl's Fish Market in word, verse and violin
Curator Kristina Preininger presents the popular winter cityscape of Ljubljana along Andrej Rozman Roza's new poem. The Romantic musical backdrop is provided by violinist Veronika Snoj.

4pm - 7pm, Exhibition Hall, Entrance Hall
Grandma, Dragon and Something Else
Exploration and creation for children and families. Alongside Gal the Dwarf we visit the Jakopič exhibition. We search for the favourite drawing spot of the five-year-old Rihard and who from his family encouraged him the most. During the workshop we measure our heights, colour the Jakopič's monster and draw our own in large scale.

4.30pm, Exhibition Hall
Rihard Jakopič. Jottings
Public guided tour by the author of the exhibition Dr Andrej Smrekar.

4.30pm, Entrance Hall
Robba Fountain and the Echoes of Baroque
The story of the Robba Fountain is told by Jaka Racman and accompanied by Baroque pieces performed by violinist Veronika Snoj.

5pm, Permanent Collection, Blue Hall
Between Baroque and Landscape Garden Style in Carniola
Dr Ines Unetič presents her dissertation thesis and takes us on a journey to the 18th- and 19th- century gardens. She reveals if the Carniolan patrons followed the European fashionable trends and how they styled their gardens.

6pm, Mezzanine of the Entrance Hall
Yes, yes, yes … portrait!
A company of five actors (Jure Aljančič, Nina Goropečnik, Mariša Jagodič, Aleksandra Kmetič, Matevž Peternel) under the mentorship of Tatjana Peršuh sought inspiration in the picture The Family Moscon by Jožef Tominc. The story is interwoven with the present and reflects what the youth thinks of art.

6.30pm, Permanent Collection
Jožef Tominc and Talking Painted Heads
Curator Nataša Braunsberger introduces the most successful portrait artist of Prešeren's era and some of the most well-known Biedermaier portraits in the Permanent Collection.

7pm, Permanent Collection
Ifigenija Simonovič: Vèndar peti on ne jenja ...
Poet Ifigenija Simonovič is author of lyrical poems that interlock playful and bitter humour, love, and emotional and irrational turn of folk poetry. Her performance complements the lively atmosphere of the Cultural Quarter, which under the slogan Treasuring the Treasures intertwines programmes of neighbouring institutions: Slovene Writers' Association, International Centre of Graphic Arts, Museum of Modern Art, National Gallery of Slovenia, Slovene National Theatre - Musical Theatre and Ballet Ljubljana, National Museum of Slovenia, Slovenian Museum of Natural History.

8pm - 9pm, Permanent Collection
Art project in co-production between Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television and the National Gallery of Slovenia. Student Katja Markič, under the mentorship of Prof Žanina Mirčevksa, MA, executes an installation next to the entrance to the Permanent Collection.

Cultural Quarter

The National Gallery of Slovenia is a part of the emerging Cultural Quarter, which connects cultural institutions between Tivoli, Prešernova, Cankarjeva, Tomšičeva and Župančičeva ulica.

Free entrance from 9am to 10pm.

On this day the National Gallery of Slovenia's publications and souvenirs are on sale, with prices reduced by up to 50 percent!
All events are in Slovenian language.

Kristina Preininger

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3 December 2015
National Gallery of Slovenia
Prešernova 24
1000 Ljubljana