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Exhibitions and Projects
Exhibition | 27 May−12 Sept. 2021

Tihomir Pinter

Artists in Their Studios 1980−1984

Selection form a donation of 2017 to the National Gallery of Slovenia

The renowned Slovenian photographer Tihomir Pinter made a gift of one hundred and nineteen portraits of Slovenian visual artists to the National Gallery of Slovenia in 2017. The donation consists of photographs, mainly 50 x 60 cm in size, produced during the preparation of the first of three monographs (1984, 2008, 2012) in cooperation with the art critic Aleksander Bassin. The project originated in a chance encounter with Andrej Jemec in 1970. Pinter's friend Miro Zdovc, photographer at the Art Academy of Ljubljana, opened to him the door of the studios of the Academy professors at the studio building at Svetčeva 1, while encounter with the German photographer Erika Kiffl in 1979 enticed him to bring together the existing portraits and complete them through a systematically organized project for a monograph.

Pinter had seldom an opportunity to visit the particular artist's studio several times. The artists themselves often had quite specified interests in how their image should reflect in the bi-ocular lens of Pinter's Flexaret camera. The photographic "documentation" therefore consists sometimes of only a few snapshots, while at other times it includes several films. Pinter made contact copies and selected the acceptable images, developed them in post-card format and marked them with the required processual data. The photos in the current exhibition were produced between 1980 and 1984 in the narrative format − to set an artist's "icon" into its context, into that symbolic Garden of Eden, where the creation of the artist's world took place. The portraits were thus negotiated between an artist's self-perception and the photographer's interpretation, mining on the rich tradition of Western portraiture.

Tihomir Pinter, Andrej Smrekar

Tina Buh, Andrej Smrekar

Tina Buh

Graphic design
Matic Tršar

The exhibition was supported by
O.K.vir, d. o. o.
Cvetličarna Galerija Lovšin
Radgonske gorice, d. d.

27 May−12 September 2021
National Gallery of Slovenia
Narodni dom Gallery
Prešernova 24
1000 Ljubljana