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Reasons to visit the National Gallery of Slovenia

The Robba Fountain
This icon of the city reminds us of Ljubljana’s most ambitious age before the 20th century. Walk around the Italian-inspired sculptures or admire the fountain from higher up.
Narodni dom Palace
The renovation of the Palace concluded four decades of the Gallery’s expansion. You can see now the Grand Staircase, the Golden Hall and the Grand Hall in their respledent glory.
Gallery Café
The Gallery partnered with the popular Ljubljana café Zvezda to bring you incredible pastries, including the Luiza Cake, made specially for the Gallery.
Instagram-Ready Motifs
Take a picture of a picture, find a quirky detail or make a selfie - the choice is yours. Just no flash, please.
Draw in the Gallery
Want to experience the Collection more slowly? Individuals can borrow a stool in the Gallery Shop, choose from a variety of art materials and stop in front of their favourite piece.
Create Your Own Gallery Tour
Use our digital guides and learn more about dozens of works. Connect to the free Wi-Fi with a password from the Gallery Shop and you’re on your way.
Slovenian Impressionism
The pictures of the early 20th century and the stories behind them are etched into the Slovenian collective psyche. Knowing them, you can strike a conversation with any local!
Zoran Mušič (1909-2005)
The Gallery houses the largest collection of the artist, also highly esteemed in France and Italy, who still helps us recognize the dignity of an individual living in the age of extremes.
Gal’s Room
Hidden in the heart of the Palace is the chamber of Gal, the Gallery’s Dwarf. Children can draw there, take a picture in his clothes, or write him a letter. Gal always writes back!
Gallery Shop
Choose a perfect souvenir for your family and friends from our offer of cards, books, jewellery and articles of local design.