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Friends of the National Gallery of Slovenia are a club established in 1995 although the idea was not completely new. Similar initiatives were present during the foundation of the Society of the National Gallery of Slovenia in 1918. The Friends encourage the gallery's efforts to organize a more active core of the general public and try, together with the gallery's patrons, to enrich its art collection and save works of art from destruction or removal from the country through acquisition and informing the public of the importance of our cultural heritage. Businesses and individuals, brought together by common interests, have throughout decades helped bring us closer to the vision of the National Gallery of Slovenia as a temple of Slovene art and culture.

Today Friends of the National Gallery of Slovenia are connected not just by the interest in art and history but also by the desire to learn something new, to explore less known parts of our country and to mingle with the like-minded people. We are aware that besides the main activity of the gallery – collecting, storing and researching the art collection that is an integral part of the fine art creativity in Slovene milieu – there are other activities that are important as well. The Friends familiarize themselves with the work of the gallery and its meaning in the national milieu also outside the institution. Join us and let us travel through art and common cultural heritage together!

What are the benefits of the membership?

  • Membership card
  • Free entrance to permanent collections and temporary exhibitions
  • Free expert lectures and tours
  • Participation in private tours of new exhibitions and in events with their authors
  • Participation in special expert field trips in Slovenia and abroad
  • Programme of events
  • Invitation to different openings
  • Discount for the tickets to the concert cycle Harmony of the Spheres
  • 30% discount for publications of the National Gallery of Slovenia
  • 20% discount for the workshops and courses in the National Gallery of Slovenia
  • Membership is valid for the current calendar year. Apply form is available here.

Please note that tours and lectures are conducted in Slovene.

Additional information
Mojca Šter Jenko
E: mojca_ster_jenko(at)
T: (01) 24 15 404