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Gal's Club

Gal's Club members discover and experience the works of art in the gallery that serve as an inspiration for our creative workshop. The exploration is fun and educative at the same time and the children get to know their peers who are connected by similar interests and a desire to be creative.

The children are divided into five groups. Freshmen start to get to know the gallery and works of art, sophomores try to widen their knowledge and get to know how the gallery functions. Juniors are in an advanced group and deepen the knowledge about the works of art since the emphasis is on individual artists and their works. Seniors are in a group that was established because of demand by the parents and in it children get to know the meaning of animals, plants and colours in art. Advanced class is meant for children who have participated in the Gal's Club for at least two years. In the class, children discover and explore connections and parallels between art styles and different artefacts.

There are nine monthly sessions, taking place from October to June, from 4pm to 6pm:

  • Juniors: first Tuesday in a month
  • Sophmores: first Thursday in a month
  • Juniors: second Tuesday in a month
  • Seniors: third Tuesday in a month
  • Advanced class: forth Tuesday in a month

The sessions are led by museum educators Kristina Preininger and Nataša Braunsberger, Academic painters Tanja Milharčič and Teja Vučko, dance educator Mojca Leben and gallery docents Jaka Racman and Tjaša Debeljak.

Membership and Benefits

Membership is €100 per year (2nd child: 10% discount, 3rd child: 15% discount, 4thchild: free) and involves:

  • one year of free entrance to the National Gallery of Slovenia and to the regular Saturday workshops
  • 20% discount for books from Gal's library
  • 20% discount for birthday celebration in the gallery
  • 10% discount for summer holiday activities

The price includes nine sessions, material for workshops, GAL-a book for birthday, the Dwarf's birthday card, concluding feast, a T-shirt of Gal's Club for freshmen and a diploma for others. Children receive their membership cards in the opening session.
Children can become members before the start of the next season until 15 September. You can apply in the museum shop or with e-application. Note that the sessions are conducted in Slovene.

Highlights from meetings

Gal on Social Networks

You can find photographs of Gal's meetings on our Facebook page: Gal's photo story (freshmen) and Gal's photo story (juniors).

You can also read an interview with the curator Kristina Preininger, who introduced Gal's Club to STA (in Slovene): Galovci so postali redno galerijsko občinstvo.

You can also view Gal's story on Youtube!

Additional Information

Department of Education
Kristina Preininger and Nataša Braunsberger
E: activities(at)
T: (01) 24 15 415/414