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The National Gallery of Slovenia has been carrying out its mission for several decades: to collect, protect, research and present the Slovenian cultural heritage to the public. Together with our supporters we endeavour to add to the art fund with purchases, to rescue artworks from ruin or removal from the local environment through purchases, and to raise awareness of the importance of the Slovenian cultural heritage.

Over the decades, companies and individuals with a common interest helped financially, or otherwise, to bring to fruition the vision of the National Gallery of Slovenia and its desire to grow into the temple of the Slovenian arts and culture and at the same time become a place where one could meet in a relaxed atmosphere and share one’s enthusiasm for the beauty of superior art. The state resources are unfortunately far from sufficient for the consistent implementation of our mission.

Since one of our priorities, besides interpreting the heritage to a wider audience, is adding to the art fund, we invite you to join us and help us in meeting our set goals. Every donation will be gratefully and carefully used to a purposeful end. In return, we would like to make you an offer which will be right for you.

We cordially invite you to visit us personally and find out about the various ways in which we could cooperate. We look forward to your visit!

Friends of the National Gallery of Slovenia

The Society of the Friends of the National Gallery of Slovenia was established in 1995. Our friends are united and brought together by an interest for art and history, a joy for exploration and new knowledge, as well as the wish for relaxed enjoyment in the gallery. By paying the annual membership fee, you help us to enrich the programme of events and activities, with which the Gallery opens its doors to a wide range of art lovers. In the same way we welcome you to contribute your ideas, experience and knowledge from your field of work.

A varied programme of events, which includes lectures, tours of cultural monuments in Ljubljana and its surroundings, and field trips in Slovenia or abroad, is prepared for our Friends each year.

Payment of the membership fee entitles you to year-round free admission to the Gallery and guided tours, lectures and to all other Gallery events. You also enjoy a discounted price on organised trips, concerts, purchases of our publications and participation in workshops and courses. Another bonus is that you can be among the first visitors to view the exhibitions and chat with their authors.

More information about the programme, its benefits and how to sign up, is available by following this link.

Sponsors and Donors

More and more works of art that could enhance our collections are appearing on the art market, yet we are unable to purchase them with the available resources, which is why they are going into the hands of other, often foreign, owners. With sponsorship funds we are trying to harness the outflow of valuable works of art, whereas the financial support comes in handy precisely in the implementation of many other projects which consistently meet our mission and at the same time enrich the programme of the National Gallery of Slovenia.

The works of art acquired through donations are accompanied by a note of acknowledgement.

We thank the companies that support us in our efforts by publishing their company logo on our website, in selected publications and promotional materials, as well as providing free hire of the foyer, which is suitable for gala events. Free guided tours of exhibitions and much more is also organised for the employees of these companies, and we are always open to new ideas on the ways in which we could cooperate.


A helping hand is always welcomed at the Gallery. We try to show our appreciation to volunteers for their creative contribution by maximizing opportunities for them to acquire new skills and knowledge.

You can help us in various ways: at the opening of new exhibitions and at other events, with the promotion and activities for the Friends of the National Gallery of Slovenia, or by providing security to the gallery collections. Depending on your interest, experience and professional competence, you may also be able to work with the following: the curators, in the restoration studio, in the library, as part of the documentation department, technical service or in the department of education. It is precisely the latter that offers a great variety of options: you can help at the workshops for children and families, in the activities of Gal’s Club, birthday parties or by preparing the materials required for all creative activities.

Let us know your proposals and together we will find the most appropriate way to collaborate.

Bequests of Artworks

Bequests play an important role in complementing and expanding the art collections. By donating works of art to the Gallery you make sure that they will be carefully stored and will be available for public to admire and study.

Donated artworks, which are included in the permanent collection, are displayed with a dedication.


Bojan Kuhar, MA
Assistant Director
T: +386 (0)1 24 15 405